Innovation Declick coat rack on textured wall

At Krone LG Industries, we're recognized for excellence in the design and manufacture of innovative bathroom products. Our ongoing commitment to quality and innovation sets us apart with unique products that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Quality of raw materials

Innovation in materials

For us, the quality of our raw materials is paramount. That's why we select first-rate materials such as stainless steel, anodized aluminum and tempered glass.

For example, the glass used in our Enclosures shower units is of the highest quality, processed in our workshops with particular care: rounded corners, bevelled edges, 100% of tempered glass is tested. Our "Pure White" technology ensures purity and brilliant tinting thanks to PURE WHITE technology.

This commitment to high-quality materials guarantees not only theultra-durability ofour products, but also their performance and timeless aesthetics.

Product quality

Our products are designed to meet the highest expectations in terms of design and functionality. Each product undergoes strict controls to ensure impeccable quality.

The Nano Care treatment, for example, offers long-lasting antibacterial and anti-scratch protection, making daily maintenance a breeze.

Innovation for the bathroom

Technical innovation

We are distinguished by several key innovations that illustrate our commitment to quality, sustainability and forward-thinking design.

Here's an overview:

    • The Art of Glass: We've created unique Enclosures in glass, inspired by contemporary architecture. They offer exceptional transparency and clarity, transforming the bathroom into an elegant, modern space. The finesse of the glass and its impeccable finish perfectly reflect our craftsmanship. A structured finish tattooed in the glass and on a smooth, easy-to-clean surface.
    • Super White: KRONE wall backgrounds benefit from our PURE WHITE mastery, giving our products perfect ultra-white color and long-lasting brilliance. To offer you this, we process Premium quality glass in our workshops, with meticulous care and control. 
    • Declik: We've integrated an invisible towel rail into the profiles of our Enclosures shower units with the Declik concept. This innovation makes it easy to hang your towel or bathrobe when you need it, while maintaining a clean, functional design. The towel rail is discreetly hidden when not in use, offering a practical and aesthetic solution.
Declick retractable coat rack
    • Composable: We offer customizable products for maximum freedom of configuration. Whether in terms of dimensions, finishes or functionality, our users can create solutions that perfectly suit their needs and their space. This customization is ideally suited to renovation projects or new builds requiring specific layouts.
    • Nano Care: We apply our PFOA-free (perfluorooctanoic acid) antibacterial and anti-trace protective treatment to all our Enclosures and Cabins glass shower trays. This German-made treatment significantly reduces limescale deposits and water marks. It also facilitates maintenance and extends product life. What's more, Nano Care offers antibacterial protection, guaranteeing optimum hygiene in the bathroom.
    • Inox Finest: We are pioneers in the use of stainless steel for sanitary installations. In fact, we have developed Enclosures shower and walk-in units, as well as faucets, with exceptional rendering. With top-of-the-range "Mirror" or "Brushed" finishes, and laser-cut in our specialized workshops, our stainless steel profiles and faucets bring a resolutely modern, high-quality touch to your shower space.
    • Anodized Force: The anodizing process we use enhances surface protection. Anodizing creates a protective layer on aluminum, increasing its resistance to scratches, corrosion and wear. What's more, thanks to Anodized Force, our products become more durable, maintaining their appearance and performance over the long term.
    • PVD: We use the PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) metallization process. This technique, particularly used for valves and fittings, produces highly resistant coatings. PVD metallized products are durable and scratch-resistant. They also feature high-quality aesthetic finishes. This technology enables us to achieve rich colors and varied textures without compromising the environment.
    • Super Integrated: We've designed our products with a screwless assembly to offer a pure, uncluttered aesthetic. By eliminating visible screws, we create clean, modern lines, while simplifying the installation process.

Aesthetic innovation

  • Matte Black: Our durable black velvet finishes add a touch of sophistication and modernity to the bathroom. Unlike traditional finishes, matte black resists fingerprints and scratches. This makes it ideal for everyday use while maintaining an impeccable appearance.
  • Kreation: We've designed our Kreation shower trays with a visual "crocodile leather" finish, offering a unique, luxurious aesthetic. In addition to their distinctive appearance, these trays are easy to maintain. They add a touch of luxury and elegance to any bathroom, while offering the practical benefits of advanced materials.
Innovation Receiver crocodile texture old green

At Krone LG Industries, we continue to push the boundaries of innovation. As a result, we offer bathroom products that combine aesthetics, functionality and durability. These innovations illustrate our commitment to providing high-end solutions that meet the needs of modern consumers.

Innovation products

We're proud to offer innovative products that meet the needs of modern consumers. Among our latest creations, two in particular stand out for their ingenuity and avant-garde design:


    • Prodige: the first easily transportable shower enclosure
      The Prodige model revolutionizes the market with its easily transportable shower enclosure, capable of fitting into the trunk of a small car. This innovation simplifies transport and installation, allowing assembly in less than 30 minutes thanks to its ingenious interlocking system. Discover it here!
Prodige shower screen
    • Cabourg by Nedda: First shower enclosure with zenithal head and no visible piping
      The Cabourg shower enclosure is distinguished by the absence of visible piping, integrating the water network directly into the profiles. This innovation, the result of collaboration with a talented artist, offers a refined aesthetic while facilitating maintenance and installation. Discover it here!
    • The Nedda cab is also available in a Pure White glass finish.
Cabourg shower enclosure by Nedda

At Krone LG Industries, we continue to innovate to offer bathroom solutions that are aesthetically pleasing, functional and durable, meeting the needs of modern consumers while maintaining the highest standards of quality. Our efforts in developing products such as Prodige and Cabourg demonstrate our commitment to pushing back the boundaries of technology and design.

For more information, visit the Krone LG Industries website.