LGI premises

LG INDUSTRIES SAS has been a major player in the bathroom/kitchen market for 20 years with its two brands LG INDUSTRIES and KRONE.

We are based in Phalempin, a town in Hauts-de-France, about ten kilometres from Lille.

As a French manufacturer and expert in the sanitary products’ market, LG INDUSTRIES has extensive experience. We manufacture enclosures, showers, bath and taps. We design the models according to the specific needs of distributors and users, and trends.

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, LG Industries has doubled the size of its production facilities to 40,000m2. Our factory, one of the most modern in Asia, benefits ever more from our technical know-how
and our values of respect for people and the environment. As such, we are BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) certified.

What's more, our faucet production line has been up and running since the summer of 2023 in Phalempin: mechanical and thermostatic mixers certified NF (Norme Française) by the CSTB (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment). Today, we are also a test laboratory, with modern equipment that enables us to perfectly understand the performance of all existing products on the market. Here again, as part of our ongoing drive to control consumption, we have opted for machines that recycle 100% of the water used.

These forward-looking developments require heavy investment. After analyzing our company and our strategy, Europe and the Nord department placed their trust in us and supported us through the ERDF operational program. We're proud of their confidence and delighted with this partnership.


Our AMBITION is to ensure that LG INDUSTRIES remains in the top 3 of European manufacturers. KRONE by LG INDUSTRIES, our premium brand, is an international benchmark for innovation and reliability.


Our STANDARDS are always high: we focus on the quality of our products, our relationships and the work we do, while respecting our environment. It is thanks to these standards that we can grow sustainably.
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We are convinced that a CARING environment allows employees to give their best: teamwork, availability, cooperation and empathy. These are the values we share with our partners and customers.


Responding quickly to requests, sharing knowledge and fostering repairability, and finding more sustainable solutions: this is the notion of SERVICE to which our teams are committed.

Our beliefs

LG INDUSTRIES is recognised as a major player in the sanitary industry, due to the quality of the materials it selects and the care taken in production. Since our inception, durability has been one of our core values. It guides our decisions to invest in production facilities: manufacture of aluminium profiles and stainless steel profiles, transformation and tempering of glass, thermoforming.

Over the years, we have integrated all of these processes to ensure the quality and availability of products and parts. Our aim is to make the best available to as many people as possible.

Photo in front of the LGI premises
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Our ambition

Design and innovation are essential if they are to serve well-being. Having formed strong partnerships with selected designers, we focus on pleasure of use, perceived quality, ease of installation and purity of design. In 2021, we created more than twenty exceptional new and innovative products!

Recognised for our reliability, we are developing the presence of our brands LG INDUSTRIES and KRONE abroad: the best must be accessible to as many people as possible in Europe, with selected, durable and design-led products.

The KRONE slogan, “Details Matter”, demonstrates our daily commitment because every detail counts.

Our proximity

Conscious of being part of a regional fabric, we attach great importance to our environment: local service providers, organic commitments, community-based projects, etc.

Our head office, as well as our administrative, sales and logistics teams, are located in Hauts-de-France. They anticipate and respond to individual needs. A 12,000m² warehouse allows us to meet the growing demand for immediate availability.

Truck in front of the LGI Phalempin warehouse