Nuance, wall guard


Coloured glass is a clever decorative trick!
We like playing with colour while keeping the transparency of the glass.

+ Coloured glass with decorative effect
+ Breathes new life into the bathroom
+ Reflects the light
+ Adds refinement, charm and personality to your bathroom,

NUANCE Azure Blue by Krone
NUANCE Royal Blue by Krone
NUANCE Lilac Pink by Krone

Technical benefits

+ Dark blue transparent framed glass
+ 8mm Securit glass (4+4 mm)
+ NANO CARE anti-limescale coating, made in Germany
+ Black anodised aluminium profiles
+ 120cm cut-to-size support arm fixed in the corner of the glass frame
+ Easy maintenance
+ Reversible product

+ Dimensions: 100 x 100 cm
+ 120cm cut-to-size support arm
+ Reversible product