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📍 Phalempin: Setting up production lines for NF mixing valves in Hauts de France

LG Industries Head Office, Phalempin, Hauts de France ©LGIndustries 📍 Phalempin: NF-certified mixer production lines set up in Hauts de France In a context where ecology, economy and the enhancement of know-how are at the heart of discussions, LG Industries has set up a series of production lines dedicated to NF-certified mixers in Phalempin, Hauts de France, in 2023. This approach, driven by a sustainable vision and the desire


Bathroom trends in 2024

Blossom shower enclosure ©Krone by LG Industries View product Bathroom trends in 2024 A recent study on emerging bathroom trends for the year 2024 has been published by, a reference in home decoration, design and renovation. The results of this study highlight significant evolutions, focusing on aspects such as showers, ambiances

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A comprehensive and efficient logistics system

Our adaptability enables us to meet your needs and specifications. Located at a European crossroads (Hauts-de-France), our 12,000m² warehouse is designed to meet your needs: the availability of your chosen range. We offer various logistics solutions: FOB Shanghai, CIF, DDP, EXW Lille (Hauts-de-France), XDOC, etc. 
For almost 20 years, we have demonstrated the efficiency of our

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Controlled production & rigorous checks

Thanks to regular investment, our factory boasts state-of-the-art production equipment to improve productivity, flexibility and competitiveness while guaranteeing high-quality products. 
Our manufacturing processes are certified in accordance with the standards in force and our quality-control process meets very precise specifications: before production, the components are checked; during production, random checks are carried out; at the end of production, we carry out further random checks, according to the AQLs in force. 

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Quality raw materials

To guarantee a remarkable and durable product, we control the upstream and downstream parts of our value chain, from the raw material to after-sales service.
The selection of raw materials is fundamental: all of our basic materials are rigorously checked to ensure consistent quality and compliance with current standards.
This requirement is shared in a long-term relationship of trust with reliable partners.

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A long-standing and recognised commitment to CSR

Since LG INDUSTRIES was founded in 2004, we have naturally incorporated the social and environmental responsibility of our structure into our development. 
In order to demonstrate our commitment from the outset, we embarked on a certification process. In 2022, we were awarded the highest level of distinction by EcoVadis: the PLATINUM medal, awarded post-audit to the top 1% of companies. This rating validates our actions in the following areas: Environment, Social

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Our personalized customer support

Our know-how enables us to meet all your needs: distributing our KRONE by LG INDUSTRIES innovations, co-constructing products according to your requirements, and adhering closely to your specifications. 
At the same time, we support you on a daily basis by responding quickly to your requests, sharing our knowledge and adapting to your situation. This is the service concept we are committed to and each of us embodies our slogan, “Details Matter”. 
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Our beliefs

Our AMBITION is to ensure that LG INDUSTRIES remains in the top 3 of European manufacturers. KRONE by LG INDUSTRIES, our premium brand, is an international benchmark for innovation and reliability.
Our STANDARDS are always high: we focus on the quality of our products, our relationships and the work we do, while respecting our environment. It is thanks to these standards that we can grow sustainably.
We are convinced that a CARING environment allows employees to give their best: teamwork, availability, cooperation.

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Innovative creations

In 2005, already innovative, LG Industries France launched the glass bottom booth. In 2008, thanks to extensive internal developments, the screwless booth was born. Since then, almost twenty years of successive innovations are the sign of our company's dynamism: we are always investing in our production tool and in breakthrough creations.
In 2022, PRODIGE and SKY are the spearheads of our innovation: PRODIGE and its easy to carry case, transportable in any city car, and easy to assemble in 20 minutes...